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Punk Rock Family Car Decal

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While on a road trip a few years back, boredom and a lack of anything but pop and country songs on the radio helped me give birth to my favorite car game: bumper sticker scavenger hunt. One of the items on the scavenger list was a bumper sticker that indicated the driver was a sophomore at a liberal arts college. In Massachusetts, that one was easy.

These days, the stickers on the cars in the parking lots I frequent while running errands are more about local pee-wee sports leagues and school funding initiatives. Then, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite: those stick figure decals illustrating each member of the family. Dad’s always the tall one on the far left, protecting the family from high-speed side swipes. Mom wears a skirt and heads the lineup of other nondescript stick boys, girls and pets.

Whose family is this supposed to be? If you want to use your valuable rear-window real estate to show everyone how much you appreciate kitschy suburban Stepford-style bliss, by all means, knock yourself out. As for me, I prefer to save my surface space for stickers that are a little more edgy. You only have one chance to let the guy driving behind you know exactly who you are, so you’d better make it count.

As an answer to those generic, vaguely patriarchal stickers, StickerPunx over at Etsy is selling punk skull decals in any combination you want. You can choose from punked-out versions of Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Cat, Dog, and Fish. That means there are 8 to the 6th power possible combinations, though we doubt you are a family made entirely of cats. So if you are a family of two moms, a son, a baby girl, and a pet fish, no problem. They are white on black and feature each family member as a cool skull with a unique hairdo. There isn’t any better way to mock the conformity of suburbia and broadcast to the world how punk-rock your little family really is than to stick these decals onto the back of your sweet minivan.

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