Punk Rockabilly Pink Tattoo Kimono Dress

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Punk Rockabilly Pink Tattoo Kimono

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A little girl wearing a dress is the same thing as a little boy dressing up like a superhero: it’s exciting, eventful, worn outside the house, and subject to commentary from strangers (which is a good thing). Wearing a dress as a little girl is so cool. You can twirl around for hours, run amuck at family events, cause destruction without anyone noticing, and you’ll still be the center of attention. If only that level of behavior was accepted in adulthood.

From dresses with bows to those without, the style your daughter wears, especially as a toddler, is a bigger deal to you than it is to them. Considering their age renders them unable to tell gaudy from hip, presenting them with their own kimono dress will cause positive reactions in the future when they see themselves in pictures as the fashion savvy trendsetters they once were. Then they’ll thank you for your wonderful taste in tattoo art, and you’ll fall over from shock.

To ensure your daughter knows that you’re cool (and not some robot like all the other parents), choose a unique outfit like the Pink Tattoo Kimono Dress from Baby Rebellion. Made with 100% preshrunk cotton material, this rockabilly-inspired pink kimono adorned with the nautical stars, roses, birds, mermaids, and butterfly imagery commonly found in traditional Sailor Jerry tattoo art, is designed to appease your child’s ever-growing sense of artistic development. And whether or not you’re a tattooed parent doesn’t matter, giving your daughter the gift of uncommon clothing in a common clothing world is a step in the right direction towards her distinction as an individualist (with a lifelong love for dressing up and an admiration for twirling about).

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