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Punk Rocker Domo

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I have a friend who’s a bass player in this post-punky band in Boston; let’s call him “John” for the sake of anonymity. He has a mohawk which changes colors frequently, is a bit on the huskier side, angry, refuses to eat foods that are healthy (like vegetables, fruits, and anything that isn’t covered in cheese and chili), and hates anything that isn’t punk. John looks like this Punk Rocker Domo Figure, and it’s really starting to mess with me.

As both my friend and Domo seem like angry, two-of-a-kind punk rock musicians, the chances that John served as inspiration behind this unique toy is a thought not steeped in reality, but fun to mythologize and write about. Also, they’re both very different from one another. Domo plays the guitar, while my bass player friend couldn’t guitar his way through a game of Rock Band. Domo likes pink; John still thinks pink is for girls. Domo is actually angry, but John is only angry to maintain an image. Domo wears bracelets; my friend thinks bracelets are for girls, too. So really Punk Rocker Domo is the true punk hero of this unfair comparison, and an appropriate action figure for your mini pogo’ing punkers. Let’s only hope that an action figure of my friend is never made; that would be the worst.

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