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Purple Haze Flannel Dress

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The 1960’s were all about peace, love, and understanding. It was about experimentation in ways that were sexy and dangerous. It was about rebellion against authority, and fighting the good fight against the man, including your dad who was way too overbearing. It was about getting together and having a good time and driving around in your VW bug, listening to your records in your bedroom because that was the only form of music player you had. There was no ipod or iphone or any of that cripe. But mainly, when we look back to the 60’s, and when it’s asked what that decade really represented, the above mentioned answers are ones that are obviously valid, but really, it was all about Woodstock, man. It was all about the ‘Stock’s kick-ass music.

What better way to revive those good time hippie vibes than to purchase a piece of apparel that embodies the cultural significance of Woodstock and ‘60s rock for the little hippie in your life who was born 40 years too late? With the Purple Haze Flannel Dress from Babesta, you can do just this. The classic, I-just-made-this-with-my-own-needle-and-thread type feeling that comes along with it is refreshing, and the image on the front of the shirt is infamous in the eyes of rock and roll greatness. Now if only they made a Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison version as well. That would pretty groovy.

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