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Q-BA-Maze 2.0

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Marble runs are quite possibly one of the most popular and most played toys on the market. It’s no surprise, the toy itself has been a classic and a staple of daycares for many years. However, despite its overwhelming popularity, the original marble runs are relatively simplistic, and don’t feature much in the way of variety.

Enter the Q-BA-Maze 2.0, a giant step up from the marble runs of old. This is definitely not the same maze that I grew up with. The Q-BA-Maze is the crème de la crème of marble runs, capable of near-infinite combinations. The interlocking system of colorful cubes constructs differently than a standard marble maze, allowing your child to form any shape they can imagine. While playing with Q-BA-Maze, your kid will learn about imagination, gravity, building principles, while having fun in the process. While traditional towers can be stacked, your nerdling might have the most fun using Q-BA-Maze to build the kinds of structures that aren’t possible using the original marble run sets. As long as your kid can dream it up, Q-BA-Maze will let them build it.

The Q-BA-Maze 2.0 Big Box includes 72 multi-colored building cubes, along with a set of 20 steel marbles to launch down them. Winner of the “Major Fun Award,” the Q-BA-Maze will provide countless hours of entertainment for the little engineer in your life. Give the newest advancement in marble runs a roll!

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