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Q-bitz From MindWare

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Know what’s going to make you feel really stupid? Losing a Q-bitz game to your kid… and we guarantee you will! That teeny brain you helped create is growing at a fast rate.

Created by MindWare, an award-winning creator and manufacturer of brainy toys, Q-bitz is an addictive little game that sees you and the kids manipulating colorful cubes to copy the minimalist, geometric-style pattern on the card in front of you. There’s three rounds and a stretch of brain power as your grey matter gets to work, finally recreating the pattern from memory in the final round (can ya dig it?). The person (ahem, your kid) who collects the most cards at the end of the game, wins.

“Totally fun game,” “challenging,” “improves working memory” and “absolutely addicting” are just some of the quick-word reviews for Q-bitz. But don’t take their word for it, take ours! It’s definitely a game you want in the home for when the kids get bored or for family game nights (remember those?).

The game comes with 80 Q-bitz cards, 4 wooden trays and 4 sets of 16 impeccably designed cubes, so you can play with up to three other people. While they recommend playing with kids over 8, we have a feeling even younger kiddos will get a thrill out of this (and beating you to win!).

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