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QQ Baby Creeper

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Babies are cute, it’s true. But, let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. During the first few months of their existence on Earth they don’t really do anything. Besides cry. And make baby poop. And thus, the inspiration for this hilariously nerdy creeper for babies was born.

I like this message in particular because it’s written in the arcane jargon of the internet videogame world, and if anyone actually stops to congratulate you on dressing your baby in the coolest clothes possible then you have simultaneously identified a brother-in-arms, another fellow nerd such as yourself. For those not in the know, the designers have tried to dumb it down a bit so that even if you’re not a complete geek you can still get the general gist; the QQ has little tears splashing away from it, and the pew pew is marked with some… stink… lines.

There is one semi-unfortunate problem with this otherwise perfect creeper: your color selection is somewhat limited to banana yellow or banana yellow. I suppose, on the bright side, at least that makes it neutral so you can outfit your nerdling in this excellent apparel regardless of gender. But then, of course you have to field the endless question: is it a boy or a girl? Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

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