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Quiz Dungeon: Math Edition

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One of the first rpgs I played as a kid was Dragon Warrior for NES. I must have slayed thousands of slimes and scorpions in this top down 8-bit epic adventure. You can rest assured that kids still stay up past their bedtimes, hiding under their bed sheets to play the latest RPG on their 3DS. The good news for all you moms and dads is now your child can practice math equations while crawling those dungeons thanks to Quiz Dungeon: Math Edition for devices running iOS.

The app takes your average JRPG and crosses it with Math Blasters. We found it simple enough for a four year old, but can be quite challenging for early elementarians. To be honest, you can increase the difficulty for any age group, including adults. As the hero, you explore different levels of a dungeon filled with monsters, evil soldiers and treasure chests. What makes Quiz Dungeon unique is that instead of using randomly generated numbers for combat, you have to solve math equations to damage your opponents.

Let’s say you encounter a slime. To hit the slime you’ll need to answer a series of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems before the timer runs out. Once the timer runs out the bad guy will hit you and cause your hit points to fall. Fortunately, you can configure the difficulty of the math problems to match your child’s education level. The questions progressively become harder as you gain experience and levels. As you go deeper and deeper into the dungeon your character collects gold and is able to buy items, such as weapons and armor.

With both a free and full paid version, Quiz Dungeon does a great job capturing a simple RPG experience and warping your kid back to the early days of the genre.

Check it out! The developers of Quiz Dungeon have been gracious enough to give us ten free promo codes to use to download the full game for free. Follow this link to our forum to get yours today!


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