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Qwirkle Game From MindWare

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What is Qwirkle? Qwirkle is one of those transcendent games that relies on a formalistic, even primal understanding of color and shape. It’s a pattern and color recognition game not unlike Uno or dominoes, which helps kids to understand how things fit together.

Players take turn placing tiles – tiles are colored green, red, yellow, blue, and orange, and are stamped with a circle, square, clover, diamond, or one of two starburst shapes. Tiles can be placed next to other tiles which have a shape or color in common, so that a blue circle could be next to a blue square (but not a red one), while a blue square could be placed to a red square, but not a green circle. Scoring is based on the number of unique tiles placed down, so a combination with three completely unique tiles (say, blue circle, blue square, red square) is worth three points, but a set with non-uniques (blue circle, blue square, blue circle) would only be worth two. The gameplay is simple enough for kids to understand, but the strategy involved will keep them (and you) interested as they evolve.

A game lasts for about 45 minutes, and is suitable for anyone aged 6 or older. There are 108 tiles, and it comes with a drawstring bag to keep them all together; there’s no board so all you need is a flat surface to get going!

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