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R. Land Punk Rock Onesie

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Punk has always glorified the visceral. Bodily effluvia are a theme in the subculture, and are often in attendance at shows. Babies are, by nature, visceral creatures, spending their days spitting up, pooping and wiggling around to release the phenomenal amount of gas they produce. When my offspring was a wiggling blob of liquid, I kept thinking, “my existence with her is so punk: my nipples hurt, I get no sleep, and I’m covered in spit up and tears. It’s like living in Germany all over again.”

If you too feel that your child is a paragon of punk, then announce it with this wild onesie by FL/GA underground artist R. Land, most known for the Loss Cat posters (which resurfaced in the news when the design was ripped off by Forever 21 last year, read the story here). It is typical Land adorable-grotesque style, with white, scrawly lettering showing a mocked-up flier for a punk show featuring The Loaded Diaper, Flakey and the Cradle Caps, and The Atomic Breast Pumps (who are, by far, my favorite made-up band). The design also displays a baby with a look that is both quizzical and rough, wearing a diaper held on by the sort of mondo safety pins that punks use to hold their shirts together.

And don’t worry about your baby staining this outfit. It will just be more punk rock if she does.

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