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Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzles

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Get down to kid’s eye level, and you’ll see puzzles everywhere. Kid’s TV shows and video games are inundated with puzzles, and good ol’ jigsaw puzzles can be found everywhere from Grandma’s house to the doctor’s office waiting room. We can all fondly recall the satisfying feeling of placing that last piece.

Puzzles are one thing. But rainbow colored mosaic puzzles? It’s a whole different ball game.

Knowing just how much kids love to build (and destroy!), Mindware’s come up with the perfect toy that not only improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but encourages all kinds of creativity, with the Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzle. Before we go into the specs of this totally rad product, we’d like to do a bit of bragging on Mindware’s behalf. This puzzle won the Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award, as well as getting an endorsement from Dr. Toy — an expert of play, toys and children’s products for over 25 years (sounds like the perfect job to us).

These tiles are two-inches across and snap together (and come apart just as easily) to created HUGE floor mosaics, from colorful gardens and snails, to houses and for the real little ones, a scattered mess of colors, but a beautiful mess, at that. While playing, kids will explore colors and shapes, and even develop early math concepts such as patterns and matching. This set comes with 96 hexagonal tiles in eight different colors, plus 20 pattern ideas on double-sided cards that are bound to entertain and enthrall for hours on end. So say goodbye to “Mom/Dad, I’m bored” and hello to an afternoon of genius creations!

And just a side note: while these tiles are quite large, we recommend ages 2 and up. Otherwise the wee ones might want to gobble these up.

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