How to Raise the Next Hermione Granger


Smart, magical, independent and surprisingly stylish; I wouldn’t complain at all if my daughter grew up idolizing Hermione Granger. I’ve always admired Hermione’s ability to be herself at a time in life when we all feel pressured to become someone else. While the others around her get by through the virtue of their famous (or infamous) wizard families, Hermione studies and works hard (and out-wizards everyone). And while she’s technically a sidekick of sorts, she manages to steal the show from Harry over and over just by being her nerdy self.

Speaking of Hermione and Harry, it’s recently come to light that J.K. Rowling feels in retrospect that Hermione should have shacked up with the boy who lived rather than gangly, awkward Ron. Really though, doesn’t Ron suit her better? Hermione’s whole deal is that she defies convention and always stays true to herself, and being the perfect second half of the titular power couple just doesn’t seem good enough. She needs to forge her own path, not fall into the trap of female friend turned romantic trope.

To raise your kids to be like Hermione Granger is to raise them to believe that being true to themselves and working hard for what they want will make them become the hero of their own story. All  you’ll need is a wizard robe, a few great sweaters, a bunch of books, and some eyeliner pencil to draw lightning bolts on your other kids’ foreheads. You know, so they can be the sidekicks.

Step 1: Equipment

Before Hermione began her foray into becoming a badass witch, she needed to visit Diagon Alley just like everyone else. To start their magical training, it can’t hurt to get your little Hogwart’s freshman a wand of their own. You can order one, or you can just go outside and find one like we all did before Harry Potter merchandise existed.


Every wizard needs an animal companion. Hermione got an instant lead in the race to the head of the favorite character line by choosing the Internet’s favorite animal for her companion. Crookshanks may have been kind of old and grumpy, but he was a cat, so he’s already leagues better than a rat, and arguably better than an owl. I mean owls are cool and all, but what can they really do besides molt all over your bedroom and drop owl pellets onto yesterday’s Daily Prophet?

If you’re really into this Hermione thing, or even if you’re just really into the best kind of furry companion, you can adopt a kitty locally.

crookshanks.jpg w=460

The most important contents of Hermione’s Hogwart’s trunk, of course, is her book collection. If you’re going to raise a little Hermione, you’re going to need to hit those books as much as you can to help your little one love the power that literacy and a love of knowledge can bring. Your local library is the best place to start (or foster) a love of books in your kids. Plus, many libraries could use your regular visits these days.

reading hermione 1

While your kids may not have access to a world class potions class, they definitely have access to awesome chemistry sets, which we’re sure Hermione would consider just as good in a pinch.



If your kid is a mini multitasker like most overacheivers are, they may appreciate even the illusion of having Hermione’s time turner.


Step 2: Getting the Look

You can definitely get the robes or Hogwart’s uniform for a Halloween costume or a playroom dressup ensemble, but even Hermione doesn’t wear her robes all the time. Really, Hermione’s more into comfortable casuals like zip sweater hoodies and henleys.


While it’s all well and good to get your little witches and wizards some adorable cold weather cardigans and scarves, the most important thing to take away from Hermione is that she does her own thing. She’s sure of herself and uses what she has to outplay even the most evil and powerful of Slytherin students. Even if they don’t dress the part, your kids can take a page from Hermione’s book and commit themselves to working hard to become the best at whatever it is they decide to do. Who needs a fancy stag patronus when you know all the spells in the book?



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