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Raspberry Pixi Beanie

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Anybody can knit your kid a hat. But usually, they come adorned with flowers or fluffy bows, adhering to gender stereotypes all the way. Not the Raspberry Pixi Beanie from Huggalugs. Yes, it features shades of pink. Yet the knit patterns feature a bit of randomness, adding to the sense that this isn’t just your average, cookie cutter chapeau. (And we all know that exposing your child to randomness helps them understand that rules — both stylistic and otherwise — are made to be broken. Eventually they will discover anarchy, but that’s another story). The pointy little top makes your kid look simultaneously weird and excruciatingly adorable, like a pixie-ish sprite, or perhaps a garden gnome (depending on whether your artistic inspiration is in the form of Midsummer Night’s Dream or more along the lines of Portlandia).

At only 20 bucks, these hats are a steal — and they come in sizes ranging from newborn to age 6. Buy one in each size so that your kid can develop a pixie-themed identity which she can later blog about. And the next time a well-meaning (but ultimately annoying) elder-person asks you why your kid isn’t wearing a hat, whip out any one of your newly purchased beanies, and plop it on her (or his) head. That should shut them up!

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