‘Rawr’ Means ‘Etsy’ in Dinosaur


We couldn’t think of any other way to kick off our tribute to Etsy’s dinosaur section than with Carl Sagan riding a dinosaur and wielding a light saber. Like Sagan said, “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Does this apply to particles tinier than the atom? Or does it apply to dinosaur Christmas sweaters? I guess it all depends on what you’re into.

We go to Etsy to find any number of things. For instance, just this morning I found a mummified turtle on there, along with a beer cozy that looks like a beard. You know, like a beard cozy. They truly have everything, which explains why they are the absolute best resource for all of your kids’ dinosaur stuff. Hoodies? Wall decals? Awesome dino toys? All of that can be found in the world’s largest e-craft bazaar.

Dino Gear for Kids


Even if you think that the whole Chewy thing is way overdone, you must admit that this onesie featuring a hand-drawn vintage style Wookie riding a dino is top rate nerdery. Tongue in cheek or completely series, this onesie has a one-size-fits-all sense of humor.


For those of you who think the T-rex is unreasonably grumpy, cut the poor guy some slack. Wouldn’t you be a little miffed if you couldn’t reach your lollypop?


If you noticed that this is a Godzilla tee and had the good sense to realize that Godzilla isn’t technically a dino, ok fine, you caught me. You passed the test. But hey, SCIENCE!

Dino Kids’ Room Decor


Looking for a place to hang your kids’ hat? Look no further than this 3D upcycled dino toy wall hanger. So funky.


If you have a big blank wall just begging to be dino-fied, these wooden alphabet dinos are great for teaching ABC’s or spelling out names.



Sometimes dinosaurs can be comforting when even scarier things lurk in the dark corners of the bedroom at night. Scare away the baddies with this stego night light.



We know this probably should go into the dino clothing section of the list, but what dinosaur dress-up time is complete without a sweet stuffed polka dot tail?


If you’ve ever pondered the age old question of whether a dinosaur would be scared of you if you were to ever meet one, we’re pretty sure these guys can put that mystery to bed.


And finally, any dinosaur loving kid worth his salt needs to solve a wooden T-Rex 3D puzzle at some point in his life.



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