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Reading Rainbow By Jay Fleck

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Oh LeVar Burton, we miss you as the VISORed Lieutenant Geordi La Forge on Star Trek (Next Generation, Nemesis, Voyager and Insurrection), but what we miss most are those long-ago glorious Saturday mornings — footie-pajamaed and planted firmly in front of the TV so we could watch Reading Rainbow. We were the mini literati of our day as we soaked up each and every book LeVar told us about.

Our kids may not get to grow up with these morning book reviews, but they can have a little bit of nostalgia on their walls with this Reading Rainbow art print. The print features a smiling rainbow who is clearly enjoying a book about chromatic dispersion or color theory…. or whatever it is that rainbows like to read about. This reading rainbow is completed with a pair of glasses that rival any hipster specs. With its cerulean sky, this piece of art is a happy reminder of sunny days, and a subtle nod to your own childhood bookwormish tendencies. With every color in the rainbow, it would make the walls a little cheerier in any kid’s room. We promise it’ll make you and your little one smile.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…

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