Realistic Rock For Kids: Drumbeats Made Simple

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Realistic Rock for Kids: Drum Beats Made Simple

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Why drummers are considered the lesser musicians in most bands as opposed to the glue that holds everything together is beyond comprehension. Without drummers, there would be no beat and for most of us who know and love music, the backbeat is everything. Just like The Beatles said in their cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Rock and Roll Music’: “That’s why I go for that rock and roll music/Any old way you choose it/It’s got a backbeat, you can’t lose it/Any old time you use it/It’s gotta be rock and roll music/If you want to dance with me”. No beat means no smooth sailing for any song.If anyone is aware on the importance of a drummer, it’s Carmine Appice. Having played in the 1960s for the likes of Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, and Jeff Beck–and influencing world-famous drum aficionados such as Neil Peart (RUSH), Joey Kramer (Aerosmith), and Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) — Appice knows the significance of great drumming. And just like Ringo did for The Beatles and Charlie Watts did for The Stones, Appice has cultivated his drumming style into one that will forever be copied as long as music continues to be a thing.Now, over 40 years since his first contributions to popular music, Appice extends his expertise to pre-adolescents desiring to learn the drums with Realistic Rock for Kids: Drum Beats Made Simple: a method designed by Appice to teach kids the quickest and easiest ways to learn rock and roll drums. With lessons on note reading, drumstick holding, and plenty of hand and foot coordination exercises, wannabe drummers can easily follow along with the 2 CD’s, DVD, and instructional booklet that comes with every version of Realistic Rock for Kids. And as a bonus perk for up-and-coming drummer extraordinaires under 12, Appice includes recordings of his bands, past and present, as examples of what sticking with lessons will achieve for real rock and rollers intent on drumming as hard as Animal when they get older.Wanna see Appice in action? Here is a video of Appice and his 12-year-old star pupil, Pete Biggiani.

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