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Rebecca Starling Plush Doll

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I’ve seen Rebecca Starling many times in my life. I’ve seen her dancing the spider-web dance at dark, underground Goth clubs on the West Coast; and I saw her at the A Perfect Circle concert I went to last year. I’ve also seen her at Hot Topic whenever I happen to traipse past (which is pretty rare, but it happens from time to time), and I’ve seen her in the mirror more than a few times in my life. She’s been everywhere, and rightfully so because her styles’ been replicated since the early 1990’s when Gothic lady couture evolved from a strictly black dress code to socks with stripes, platform boots, and high-pigtailed hair that the ladies of Switchblade Symphony made exciting and new.

Aside from her traditional love for Kittie and Marilyn Manson, Rebecca Starling is unique in her own sense; dressing like her favorite stars, but also maintaining an individuality that’s completely her own.

With her two cats, Scratcherella and Ludwig, Rebecca’s strong like for soft, cheesy pretzels, Bela Lugosi, and doodling while wrapping herself in spider webs is the fuel for her Gothy/Industrial soul. If your tiny lady spider is starting to show interest in your expansive collection of Dark Wave vinyls, a plush doll like Rebecca Starling can be a new best friend. Between trading fashion tips on the best Manic Panic hair color (Jet Black, of course) and stomping all over the idea of someone like Ryan Seacrest, your little Gothinista and Rebecca will have an awesome time generating looks from normal-looking people and listening to The Cure in a pile of cobwebs.

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