Recess Monkey Releases “Deep Sea Diver”


Recess Monkey, the energetic rock trio hailing from Seattle, is back with Deep Sea Diver, their new album that will be making waves on June 18. Deep Sea Diver features clever, quirky songs about the sea filled with an ocean of word play and toe-tapping funky beats sure to make parents and kids smile alike.

Each album by the band – this being Recess Monkey’s ninth – is full of song titles and lyrics so witty that I grin in appreciation every time I hear them. Deep Sea Diver is no exception. “Compass Rose” is a bouncy tune all about a girl who geeks out about maps; “The Seven C’s” is an alliterative romp that paints a picture about life aboard a ship with the best crew around.


My favorite track on the album, “Seagulls,” effortlessly takes listeners to a warm, lazy, sunny day on the beach with the noisy birds circling overhead.

And as you listen more closely to the words, you realize just how much humor Recess Monkey hides in the lyrics for parents:

Seagull, seagull above my head

I’ve got a sense of dread

You’re looking for relief

Which could mean of load of grief

Upon my head

Recess Monkey also tackles subjects that kids will identify with, like “Stranded,” which talks about the lonely days after your best friend moves away.  As elementary teachers and parents themselves, band members Jack Forman, Drew Holloway and Korum Bischoff are well acquainted with what it’s like to be a kid, and their songs reflect that connection.

Preschool and elementary age kids will love the irresistible energy of the melodies on this CD. Deep Sea Diver captures summer in a nutshell, from the lazy afternoons to the family trips to the beach. Get the family together, pop this into the player and head out to the seaside.

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