Red DNA Onesie

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Red DNA Onesie

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DNA is serious business. If it weren’t for DNA, the clothes you’re shopping for right now might have been radically different. After all, it’s your DNA (and your partner’s, too) that went into specifically designing the exact progeny that will be wearing this onesie in the near future. Give yourself a pat on the back; that work was no easy feat, and you played a major part in it.

However, the time for all of that genetic mapping has passed. Now you’ve got a little one that needs clothes, lest they be walking around as they were born, unsheltered from the elements. Let’s avoid that, shall we, and discuss the unique merits that this DNA-based article of clothing possesses.

While it isn’t the exact same code as the one used to create your child, the DNA strand featured prominently on this onesie is still very much techie and cool. The shirt itself is colored a bright red hue, making an interesting parable to where the DNA itself can be most commonly found. This onesie also features poppers for simple access to a quick change. It comes in many sizes, so it’s accessible no matter how your kid’s genetic composition turned out.

That, and it practically screams “my kid is more scientifically predisposed than yours.”

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