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Retractable Owl Earbuds

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Owls… often perceived as symbols of wisdom, stoicism, and mysterious omniscience. Of course parents want to bestow their children with these qualities, and what better way to do so than by surrounding them with owlish tokens and gadgets? These twee little earbuds are compatible with nearly all digital music players, and feature a simple push button retractable cord so you can avoid messy tangles, and so you can have the opportunity to remind your child that back in the day, we had to wind up the cords to our Walkmans by hand. (“What are Walkmans, Dad? You’re so old.)

You can wink knowingly when other “owl-lovers” (read: “smart kids’ parents”) acknowledge these sweet little buds, which really are worthy of a Zooey Deschanel tweet. Then watch as your child rolls her eyes at your annoying and ostentatious pridefulness, pops in her wise old earbuds, and plays the latest piece of pop garbage designed to rot her mind. Later, let her know African cultures (and David Lynch) believe the owl is connected to sorcery and darker forms of knowledge, and that you’ve both fooled everyone into thinking you like silly little symbols of “smartness.” Gadgets that allow you to secretly mock others are the best kind, right?

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