Soften Up the Console War With Retro Plushies


Felted NES by Blueblythe of Craftster

Things are getting pretty tense when it comes to the console debate these days. Which one will come out first? Which one will spy on you the least? Which one will make the best breakfast?

You’re on time out, PS and XB. To help you chill out and relax, we’ve found some softer, comfier versions of a few old console favorites to teach you all about the softer side of gaming.

Arcade Game


I suppose we should probably kick this off with the grandpa of the console: the arcade game. This Arcadeans Plush Arcade Game makes retro game sounds when you wiggle it.

Cuddly Cartridges


This set of two original NES cartridge pillows will take you back while it supports your back. Share the fuzzy cartridge love with the next generation, and let these squares help make your living room totally un-square.

Gameboy Color


Etsy artist Cloudsparrow makes these little custom Gameboy Color cuddles entirely to your specifications. Don’t you miss the days when gaming devices came in crazy colors?

Kickass Consoles by Kickass-Peanut

Hannah Kickass-Peanut definitely has the gift of squish; her DeviantART store is full of painfully adorable household items made into plushies, including some of our favorite consoles.

Here’s her pink DS, complete with screen flap and adorably innocent grin.


Her Xbox 360 plushies come in three types – good (white), bad (elite) and ugly (squishy face).


Judging by her gallery, there’s not much out there Kickass-Peanut can’t cute-and-squishify. Her past works of gaming greatness includes a Wii and even a dancepad arrow. She appears to occassionally accept comissions, so maybe she’ll be the one to show the next gens how to play nice.

Not for Sale

Here are a few amazing one of a kind console plushies that aren’t for sale, but I just had to show you anyway. It’s actually a blessing in disguise I can’t buy them – they look expensive and there’s no way I’d be able to stop myself.

It’s the detail that makes these incredible Gameboy pieces by French artist Marine Beloir – you can tell even which game she’s playing!


Beloir’s Original Gameboy


 Beloir’s Nintendo DS


This great Gameboy piece by Steff Bomb was on exhibit at a gaming art show in Chicago last year.



BMO is Finn and Jake’s loyal console-of-all-trades in Adventure Time. BMO plays games, but he’s also a toaster, strobelight, skateboarder and video editor. In the crocheted version by Etsy artist Louise Soh, he doesn’t do that stuff – but makes up for it in cuteness.

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