Retro Rocket Lamp

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Retro Rocket Lamp

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It’s not the lamp you think you have at home. Oh no; it’s a rocket lamp. Rocket lamp—keeping your kids safe while they’re asleep.

Part night-light, part lamp, part awesome rocket, this lava lamp has everything your kids could want in a light source. It’s cool, it’s shaped like a ship, and it’s got green alien goop and stardust particles swimming inside of it. If nothing else, this lamp sets itself apart with the green alien goop. Well, that, and it’s a rocket ship, so just about every kid is going to think it’s great.

The goop and the stardust particles are much more interesting than the typical, boring lava lamps out there. Like any rocket launch, things start off a bit slow; but by the time everything is warmed up and ready to go, the particles will be zipping around inside the rocket ship, sparking all kinds of imaginary space adventures. This rocket was designed to have a more retro, cartoony look; when your kids dream of flying off into the great unknown, they’ll likely be accompanied by cartoon aliens as well.

Rocket designs have evolved over the decades, but I’m fondest of the classic rocket ship. Chances are, your kids won’t tire of this Retro Rocket Lamp either, but if they do, it’ll probably look just as nice in your room (and then they’ll want it back).

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