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Retro Toddler Tube Socks

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Ever heard the saying, “You can tell a lot about the parents by the socks the tot is wearing”? Well, we just coined that phrase but we’re sure it should be included in the second Book of Proverbs. Even though Einstein thought socks “can be done without,” we politely disagree. Socks give life to the feet!

Have we done enough persuading to show you a tot’s socks are important? We hope so, but even if we haven’t, we’re confident you’ll flip for these retro tube socks for your toddler.

Made from Bamboo with AZO-free dyes (AZO dyes are chemicals that can be dangerous to the skin), this gift set includes four pairs of socks to get your child moovin’ and groovin’ to the beats of yesteryear!

The socks are super long (great for the cooler months ahead) and have no heel patch, meaning they’ll grow as your little one does. But best of all, these socks come in a cool tin lunchbox (don’t worry, it’s lead-free and printed with food-grade ink). So once you’ve stocked your kid’s drawers with these socks, you can fill the lunchbox with snacks and toys for pre-school.

Pair with some roller skates and the little one will be ready to go!

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