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Reusable Rock Scars Eco-Wipes

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It’s natural that kids get messy; this is something that Moms and Dads can’t really control. From messy hands to messy feet to messy faces, it seems like parents are constantly trying to keep up with the cleanliness of their rambunctious little rock stars. With wipe after wipe being used in a given day, it would be nice to smear away the layers of tomato sauce and noodle strings that sometimes hang off your child’s face like a costume they’re proud to adorn with something less disposable. Maybe this calls for the help of durability and eco-friendliness to save those unfortunate kids who’ve already been cleansed by unworthy wipes, and give to parents a wipe that will never give up and (obviously) never surrender, even if you’re punky bratster falls into a jar of super glue.

The Reusable “Rock Scars” Eco-Wipes by RockerByeBaby not only come in a cool, punk rock 4-pack complete with designs like Black Tattoo, Red Viva! Skulls, Gray Groovy Guitars, and Brite ABC’s that will appease your bitty babes creative side, it’s also a universal “boo-boo” cleaner and food wiper-a-wayer that’s washable and durable and an all-around parental pleaser. Plus, it’s made of 100% cotton: the official fabric of boo-boos and milk spills everywhere and available at a purdy cool price that’s hard to say no to. This is the end of cheap wipes as we’ve known it and the beginning of environmentally safe, reusable kid cleaners in rad colors and even cooler styles.

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