A Review of The Adventurers: Pyramid Of Horus


There are several epic movies you must show your children as they wade through the various stages of adolescence. The original Star Wars Trilogy, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. For many of us over thirty years old, our childhood was framed by a man who lived and breathed adventure. From escaping a giant boulder to discovering the holy grail, Indiana Jones whip-snapped his way to fortune and glory.

Fortunately, board game publishers, Fantasy Flight, sent us a game that follows the same spirit as Dr. Jones and is perfect for older elementary aged kids.


Introducing Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus, a stand-alone sequel to Adventurers: The Temple of Chac.

In Pyramid of Horus you control one of eight unique adventurers as they explore an ancient pyramid in hopes of finding forgotten treasures, while avoiding the many treacherous dangers.

The game’s theme is simple, enter the forgotten Egyptian temple and begin to hunt for valuable artifacts. On each turn,depending on their number of actions available, your character will either move and/or search, by drawing a random card or taking an idol. The interesting twist in the game is that for each item you carry or wound you incur, you may be restricted by the number of actions you can take each turn. Why does this matter? Because the ceiling is caving in around you and there is a real possibility of becoming trapped inside, thus being eliminated from the game. This is a brilliant mechanism thats adds a time limit for each game. As soon as the game begins, you’ll feel the urgency to gather up what hidden valuables you can and get out. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing, you’ll need to avoid the shambling mummies as well.


The game is perfect for kids who have short attention spans. Our session included three players and concluded in less than an hour. A family of four could probably get through it in under sixty minutes once they are familiar with the rules. Kids will love how they are thrown right into the action. Rest assured, there’s no slow buildup and individual turns are completed rather quickly to satisfy the more impatient gamers. The fast pace and simple mechanics will appeal to families who are looking for something to squeeze in before bedtime rather than spending a whole evening arguing about rules. The publisher recommends the game for children thirteen and over, but I didn’t feel the game content would be inappropriate for kids who are younger. Personally, I think families that play a lot of hobby games should be able to teach those young ones who are in the eight to ten range. This is definitely a game that adults will love, so don’t be afraid to allow your offspring to team up with you while teaching them the game. In all honesty, I loved the game and plan to add it to our adult gaming night.

You can purchase Pyramid of Horus from Amazon.

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