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Rhythm Band Rockin’ Rhythm Bag

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“Get yer band in a box, here! Come on everyone, let’s play some music with the instruments in this here bag. Let’s get together and create some songs all our own! Let’s drive around the country from gig to gig in a dilapidated van that breaks down every few days and costs an arm and a leg to fix, and travel in bunches (like 10-12 of us wee ones at once) and make like we’re a little cult. It will be fun! It will be exciting! It will all be for the sake of music and dear gawd, it will be awesome! Now all we have to do is ask our parents for permission and hopefully this will all work out.”

As a parent, your choice to say yes or no to this question is completely up to you (duh!), but as someone who has a valid driver’s license, maybe you shouldn’t shut down your child’s starry-eyed visions on making it to the big time and playing like that band from Portland did on the Letterman show where there was like 15 people on stage and it was a cluster-f**k of talent: By saying yes, you can safely drive the dilapidated van yourself, and make sure the cult of little personalities makes it to the venues on time. Also, you may have to act as roadie, too. Loading and unloading the 2 maracas, 4″ triangle, pair of sand blocks, tone block with mallet, pair of rhythm sticks, cluster bells, wrist bells, and an automatic hand castanet that come with the Rhythm Band Rockin’ Rhythm Bag might prove to be too much after a while. If this happens, you can always hire another roadie. Roadies are a dime a dozen and always looking for work.

This is what you have to look forward to:

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