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Riff DVD Music Trivia

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When you get to be like, a 12-year-old little kid, winning is your aim. You wanna be the best at whatever and you’ll stop at nothing to get there. You’re also as a brat who thinks they know it all (and that’s TOTALLY endearing–when it comes to kids–for adults it’s pretty off-putting). Games (ie: board games, video games, card games) are no exception in the race to kick ass, and if any of them have to do with music, well, make sure you partner up with that kid. Even if they’re wrong (WHICH THEY WON’T BE!!!), it’s nice to team up with an enthused, younger, music fan. Kinda like how you were when you were first getting into whatever early 90’s band drove you insane with excitement. It’ll be an awesome throwback for ya. Like these guys below!

That was a nice music break, huh? Anyway… from the Hard Rock empire comes an interactive game for all members of your music-loving family to play. Riff: The Music DVD Trivia Game teams up friends and family against one another in a fight for who knows more about nonsense musical trivia. With over 6 hours of playing time, make sure the gang gets to participate in the Battle of the Bands, a game option which groups people up and forces them to battle for the coveted title of “Lord of Riff.” Ok, so that was totally made up, but you get the idea. And again, get the 12-year-old on your side, it’s pretty much a guarantee that that fake award will fall into your hands soon enough.

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