‘Robot Turtles’ Teaches Preschoolers Coding via Tabletop Gaming


In the very near future, the world will divide us into those that can code and those that can’t. One could argue that being literate in the languages of programming is just as important as being able to read.  What better gift could you give your children than a background in what will inevitably be the language of the future?

You don’t need to wait until your kids are older, and you probably shouldn’t leave your kid’s computer science education in the overly full hands of their teachers (although some schools offer impressive programming courses, and some brilliant teachers are teaching programming despite it’s absence from the Common Core).

We love giving our thumbs-up to products that help little ones begin to understand programming. The best part is that even if parents don’t know a thing about it, the family can work together to learn useful (and profitable) skills for all stages of life. We love the books and apps that are out there to help kids pick up coding, especially when young ones learn while having fun. Naturally, we were thrilled when we heard about Robot Turtles.

Preschool-level tabletop gaming that teaches programming skills? We’re sold.

The board game borrows inspiration from the 1960s classic programming language LOGO. If you don’t know it, you should definitely give it a try.

Robot Turtles started out as a Kickstarter darling and is now being published by ThinkFun. During gameplay, kids control the turtle while adults act as the “computer,” moving the player’s piece according to the command given in order to reach a pre-assigned colored jewel. Once kids master the game, they can even switch roles to make the game more challenging and dynamic.


The game doesn’t require any electronics, which means you can take it on the road and enjoy some face-to-face time (and less screen time). What could be better than a game that gets kids hooked on tabletop-style play and programming at the same time? Also, it’s called Robot Turtles, which is pretty much an automatic win.

Pre-order here for the June shipment.

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