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Robotime T-Rex Robotic Dinosaur 3-D Puzzle

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What’s more awesome than a Tyrannosaurus Rex? A robotic skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex, that’s what. Dinosaur enthusiasts will love this three dimensional T-Rex puzzle that, once completed, will walk and roar at your command.

This educational toy brings the king of the dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period into your home to strike terror in the hearts of your anything in its path! It is a great project to keep your kids entertained and to spark their paleontological interests. The 100+ piece model comes with detailed instructions for your children to follow as they assemble it. The kit combines the three dimensional puzzles you may remember from your childhood with simple remote control robotics, making it a great hybrid project for children interested in both paleontology and electronics. The pieces are designed to fit tightly together, so no glues or adhesives are needed to build it.

The completed puzzle stands 14.5 inches tall and operates in three modes: demo, autonomous and remote control. In autonomous mode, your T-Rex will respond to light and sound and will walk and roar on its own. While under your command, you can make it walk forward, turn left and right, and roar ferociously to demonstrate it’s dominance.

This is definitely on the gift list for any dinosaur lover.

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