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Robots Themed 100 Piece Puzzle

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Why are robot-themed movies geared for adults always so frightening? They’re homicidal and dangerous creatures that always manage to come to the conclusion the they’re superior to us, and therefore shouldn’t serve us. We’re left wondering where the androids of our childhood went — the brightly-colored ones with lights on their heads and constant need to make us happy. Well, we actually found them hanging out in this 100-piece puzzle designed by Crocodile Creek for kids 6 and up. A crowd of happy automatons make up the 13”x 19” scene with what looks like a futuristic city in the background. Is it earth or some distant planet? Who knows, but it looks like these guys are having a great, non-violent time!

We love the details in the whimsical illustration; all the robots have cool buttons, gears, or antennas. There’s even a drink-serving mechanical man in the upper left! We could all use of those in our homes. Robot-loving children will go nuts (and bolts, haha) over this puzzle. They’ll put it together and take it apart countless times, ask you what kinds of automaton they are, and you can both dream of a day when we can live together peacefully, with a drink-serving robot residing in every home.

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