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Rock Beat Rhythm Sticks

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Your future drummer already wanders from room to room banging everything they can get their little mits on, so why not grab them a quality pair of electronic toy drumsticks? For the sake of music, you can allow the multiple daily headaches if it means that maybe your babe will become the next John Bonham, or Animal, or whomever you think is the greatest drummer ever (such a debatable topic). The good people over at Fat Brain Toys are offering a few good musical toys receiving approval from future drumming pros near and far.

The Rock Beat Rhythm Sticks from Woodstock Music Collection (makers of instruments for children and tweens) come with a plethora of sounds that are strikingly similar to the real thing. With a bunch of different buttons that change their sound with just one push, toddlers can go from a kick drum to a snare drum, to a cymbal, and then break into an all-out rock opera. With each blast beat and cymbal crash, the sticks light up with a fantastic glow. So not only is your lil’ rocker playing like a professional, there’s also a light show to give them the experience of a concert they’ll hopefully play.

Take a cue from the Wheatleys, who encouraged this kid…

…to grow into this kid

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