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ROCK Bookends From PBteen

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Books have a habit of collecting. No matter how many bookshelves you acquire, you run out of space and find yourself piling books on any clear surface. This can lead to literary avalanches, which in turn lead to disorganization and endless clutter. You lose use of your kitchen table due to the entire family’s collection of books and papers, and everyone finds themselves eating standing up, or spilling soup on a library book.

Now there are bookends that your little rocker will happily place around their school books on their desk, a cool decorative incentive for organization. They are 8x5x2-inch black block letters made of resin that state ROCK, with the RO on one end and the CK on the other. They can serve as a reminder of what your offspring gets to do once they finish their homework, or they could occupy a special place in the room, demarcating the location of favorite books (such as Punk Farm). The bookends can be the connecting piece that ties the Ramones posters on the wall to the books scattered around the room.

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