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David Bowie wouldn’t have been nearly as cool in the 70’s if not for all his glitter rock adornments. But really, minus all the shiny, futuristic everything Bowie wore, Ziggy Stardust would be a tad bit confusing to comprehend. We’d all be collectively wondering why this dude in bell-bottoms and a tie-dyed shirt is singing about outer space and excess. Same thing applies to genres such as rockabilly, punk, metal, and grunge: without the certain fashions associated, music wouldn’t make a whole ton of sense. Can you imagine Slayer singing “Angel of Death” in glitter makeup and tight, leather pants? I know I can’t, and personally, I don’t want to.

Fashion is a fun part of music, and now, your tiny fashionistas can design their own outlandish costumes right at home. With the materials they have at hand, they can creatively draw and construct rockin’ outfits, for whichever musical genre(s) they prefer, worthy enough to be worn on stage by even the most prima donna-type complexes . The box o’ fashion comes complete with all the necessary accoutrements that a serious designer needs: a light table, 44 clothing and accessory clings, 10 colored pencils, sketch paper, and a book on how to create the perfect, rock-tastic designs. Soon enough, they’ll be starting their own clothing line and basking in the pretentiousness of the fashion industry but never fully caving in, cause your kid doesn’t take crapola from anyone.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to get the going:

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