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Rock Hand Snaptee

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When lead singer of Rainbow and the second wave of Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, was a little boy, his Italian grandmother would use the now all too familiar sign for Metal and rock and roll—the devil horns—in order to ward off the evil eye (or malocchio as its known in Italian culture). Or so it claims in the 2006 documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” by Sam Dunn. This is how that famous hand gesture apparently came to be. Apparently. There have been many origin myths of the devil horns, so who knows, and at the very least this one makes for a good story.

But I mean, imagine if his grandmother didn’t gesture crazily? What in the heck would we do at rock concerts? Spark lighters? That’s cool for a second and then it starts to get all burny feeling. Flash people profusely? That’s not a universal thing that both genders can do. Oh yeah! We would do absolutely nothing. And we would be bored.

The Rock Hand Snap Tee onesie celebrates this one of a kind hand gesture by boldly embodying the spirit of Dio’s grandmother on a piece of baby apparel. As the description of the onesie says “ No words are needed to get this point across. It’s pure rock.” Heck yeah. Made with the finest of 100% cotton fabric, the unique baby one piece was made for kids born to rock; for tiny Holy Divers, and the perfect ensemble that says everything you want it to say about your wee one that they really can’t say themselves. Rock on.

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