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Rock ‘n’ Roll Alphabet

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Thanks greatly in part to one man’s love of Rock & Roll, there’s now a new “twist” on helping your kids learn their ABC’s that doesn’t involve Mother Goose in the slightest.

In a fun and engaging way, the photojournalism of renowned rock photographer, Chuck Boyd, and the creativity of music historian, Jeffrey Schwartz, have come together to provide kids not only with the fundamentals of words, but also a history of the foundation of rock and roll. In 60 pages or less, with images of iconic musicians laying right in their hands, there’s no doubt you’ll get a great sense of parental pride the first time you hear your little rock buff say that “C” is for Cream and “L” is for letting “The Led” out. It might also make you wonder why you’re parents never gave you a book like this as a child, which may perhaps lead to some bitterness. But don’t worry, cause honestly, you’re way cooler than your parents and way cooler than any other parents your age.

For the sake of music history, and for preserving its sacredness in the hearts and minds of future generations, no parent who considers themselves a rock aficionado should allow their child to learn their A’s through their Z’s without this book as their go-to-guide.

Here’s a sample for you rock n rollers out there. We didn’t make this list. Feel free to go here and discuss your favorite songs.

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