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Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp For Girls

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If teaching younger girls how to rock is a crime, then by all means, lock the several thousand who’ve already done this away and bury the key. For good. Since 2001, Girls Rock Camp has expanded outside of Portland’s city limits (where it was founded by Misty McElroy at Portland State University), delving into new terrain outside the US and into Europe. Even within the walls of the US, GRC locations are in places you wouldn’t expect, like middle America. Crazy, right? It’s pretty interesting considering places sandwiched between the East and West Coast don’t seem to offer girls/ladies who love to rock a comfortable place to do so, hence the reasoning as to why GRC’S in North Dakota are such a good idea.

From the volunteers who’ve devoted countless numbers of hours, happily, to teaching girls between the ages of eight and eighteen how to rock with the best of ‘em, comes Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls: How to Start a Band, Write Songs, Record an Album, and Rock Out!. With an amazing foreword by one of the Riotgrrl scene’s originators: Carrie Brownstein, lead singer and guitarist of Sleater Kinney (currently lead singer of Wild Flag), Rock ‘n Roll Camp is an informative how-to manual for girls learning the ropes of the music business. The book offers unjaded youths insight on the history of women in Rock, instrument instruction, how to publicize shows, and singing with enough bloody passion to knock Courtney Love flat on her loud-mouthed behind. This is a book not to be wasted on the casual little rock listener, it is a real rock book for real rockin’ riottgrrl’s.

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