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Rock N Roll Mole

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Think moles spend their days in a subterranean oblivion? Not the star of Rock ‘n’ Roll Mole! This guy wants to be just like his idols: Mick Badger, Goose Springsteen, and Moo2! “Mole had a rock and roll soul. He woke up each morning yelling, ‘Let’s rock the house!’”

Mole has his cool leather jacket. His room is festooned with posters of all his favorite bands. He even has groupies, or as Penny Lane in Almost Famous would prefer: band-aids. All of Mole’s classmates think he’s super-cool, but little do they know; he suffers from stage fright!

That’s right! He can walk the walk, but can he rawk the rawk? When Mole’s best friend needs him in a pinch, will he come through? Or will he be forever doomed to live out his dreams at karaoke night?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mole was written by award-winning author Carolyn Crimi (Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies), with illustrations by Lynn Munsinger (The Jellybeans and Big Book Bonanza). It is a cute and inspirational tale for little rockers who may shy away from the spotlight.

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