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Rock Out Drum Kit T-Shirt

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Drummers are the unspoken backbone to every band. They’re the ones who keep the rhythm section intact, and are the only members who make sweating profusely look cool and socially acceptable. They’re important, and without their ability to produce insane sounds through two wooden sticks we wouldn’t have rock ‘n’ roll, and without rock ‘n’ roll, we’d all be listening to nimrods like John Tesh and Kenny G. (and actually think that it’s good). Perish that thought. Seriously. Perish it now, because we DO have rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s saved. So to every drummer—living in a van or living with 15 other musicians in a three-bedroom apartment on a bed of beer cans—we thank you for existing. Thanks drum people. You’re the best.

So in keeping with the theme of drummers being awesome, and appreciating said awesomeness, this child’s t-shirt from Etsy designer Bridget, is a fiery, red piece of American Apparel kiddie cloth picturing a line drawing of a classic drum set. If the set was transformed into real life, it would probably persuade semi-professional drummers to want to throw away the hunk of junk kit they’ve been playing for so long in place of something they’ll be proud to have as their own.

Honor the really professional drummers—and Neil Pert-style drummers (if there happens to be more than one)—by outfitting your lil’ rocker in this tee.

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