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Rock Stars The Board Game

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The game of life is best spent being famous and adored, just ask those dead looking blokes from the Stones. They’ll tell you it’s been one hell of a ride and that they wouldn’t trade it for anything. They’ll also say that the near death experiences and creative lulls throughout the 80’s, 90’s, and into the 00’s were difficult to get through, but that continuously singing old material from the 60’s and 70’s hasn’t become a redundant act thus far. There’s only a few years left before they get some satisfaction and leave the world alone, and then there won’t be anything left to say as their weakened, robot bodies malfunction from superficial statement overload.

Ok, so as humorous as it is to poke fun of aging rock stars, being a famous musician probably kicks some major arse, and now kids have the chance to live out the rock and roll lifestyle via Rock Stars: The Board Game, a safer, more interactive experience then say, walking through the chaos of a hotel room after party. This epic board game–doused in the blood and sweat of the rock and roll dream–sends kids on a worldwide “tour” around the board; correctly answering musically-themed trivia questions gains them fans and earns them equipment. The player with over 100 groupies–er–fans and all the music gear wins the chance to sing center stage/in the middle of the living room, and perform with the Echo Microphone and CD (packed with rocks greatest hits) that comes included. Don’t let your little rockers go another day without this Rock 101 intro, or else Mick will randomly show up at your door swiveling his hips to “Moves Like Jagger,” and that’s downright frightening for anyone to have to see. So ya better get a move on.

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