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Rock The Beat Game

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The song dubbed most likely to be recognized just by its drum beat is Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. The boom-boom-clap rhythm is simple and primal, but overlaid with a quick rhyming, near-monotone verse until the chorus. Then comes the guitar blaze.

This memorable beat has been turned into a memory and movement game. Rock The Beat starts with all the players clapping to the tune of “We Will Rock You”, and after establishing the beat, the lead player will replace the clap for a gesture. The player next to them must copy that gesture, while watching the lead player, who is simultaneously making a new gesture for the next clap. Players sit in a circle, using one gesture while watching for the next. The game comes with cads representing a variety of gestures, as well as penalty cards for indicating when a person has broken the pattern.

Rock The Beat is an incredible way to build memory and motor skills, especially for children. The game works creativity, multitasking, and music skills. It is the perfect game for someone who will eventually join a band and have to coordinate, down to the fraction of a second, how to execute the gestures necessary to create rocking music.

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