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Rock Your Baby Floral Shirt

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The Pussybow Shirt in floral is just one of Rock Your Baby’s many creative, sweet clothing designs. The Australian company has a way of merging the old and the hip. Quite a few of their pieces — which range from button-down shirts and tees, to jewelry, headbands, and even throw pillows — feature something borrowed and something new (among my other favorites are a red polka dot dress named after Frida Kahlo, a long-sleeve t-shirt that pays homage to Audrey Hepburn, and the prairie-inspired Lou Lou Long-Sleeve Dress, and..oh, I could go on).

The Pussybow Shirt, also known as an “ascot” or “secretary” blouse, originated as a trend in the late 40s, but was an even bigger hit in the 1970s. The bow neck and antique floral pattern, which uses the dusty rose of antique cameo brooches as its primary hue, adds a ladylike charm to your daughter’s wardrobe. But since she is probably frequenting more playgrounds than high teas, Rock Your Baby wisely designed the shirt using 100% cotton and added a cool feature: roll-up sleeves. This little detail allows the shirt to easily morph into casual attire when need be, and it would look phenomenal paired with light wash jeans or bell-bottom trousers.

The shirt, which comes in sizes 1 through 6, is one of those rare children’s gems that manages to look cute on toddlers and sweet on tweens. Sadly, you won’t be able to say the same thing about those red corduroy overalls you wish your ten-year-old would choose instead of tight jeans. Have I mentioned Rock Your Baby doesn’t carry one single pair of tight jeans? I’m sold.

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