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Rockabilly Octopus Plush Toy

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When a toy has a magical way of plastering a smile on your face, you know that it’s pretty darn cute. So imagine the moment when you click on a link, not really knowing what to expect, and you’re met with a headless rockabilly baby with tentacles and really sweet bangs. Would you cringe? Hide under your bed and hope that its octopus slime doesn’t drench you? Perhaps for any other octopus toy, but definitely not for this Rockabilly Octopus Plush from Etsy shop Mamma Mayberry’s.

Specializing in fun and unique plush toys for rockababies (and even non-rockababies), shop owner Kristin Mayberry creates a whole new world of extraordinary playthings for hip and happenin’ children. Her spot-on rendition of classic, rockabilly fashion translates beautifully on this fleece and polka-dotted plush toy, which is geared towards little ones who admire Elvis a little more than they do Elmo.

The octopus with pink and gray fleece and a black-and-white polka-dot headband is only 5.5 inches in height, but comes with a legion of music history and style that’s out of this world. If only this awesome plushie came with a CD accompaniment of Wanda Jackson or Carl Perkins tunage; then it would be the most amazing rockabilly baby gift ever made (even more so than it already is).

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