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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Rush

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Few could argue that Rush fans are insane, even psychologists. But who could blame them? It’s hard to control one’s passion for music, where the line between appreciation and obsession is sometimes skewed. Metal fans are like this. Punk fans are like this. Classic rock fans are like this, too. Really, any music fan can produce their own unrealistic relationships between a band or a singer. It’s just how you choose to control it. Rush fans do not understand this concept, because they are super nerds in the best way.

Rush fans have proven that the power of music is strong enough to experience live over 100 times in one lifetime. That’s amazing! Many actually breed to ensure that the Rush fandom keep perpetuating (not really); however, they take their daughters and sons to Rush concerts and play Rush-themed lullabies when they’re babies.

If the Canadian trio is your drug, and your children the anecdote that evens you out, play them Rockabye Baby! Rush. The timeless intricacies of Neil Peart’s expertly crafted drum solos and Geddy Lee’s high falutin vocal range have been lullabied by the same people who brought you instrumental versions of Nirvana, Tool, and The Pixies. And with songs such as “Limelight,” “The Trees,” and “Working Man” making the cut for the millions of babies with Rush diehards for parents, this is their first step in becoming a bonafide fan. Savor the moment of pride as you switch on “Tom Sawyer” and watch their little eyes drift off to Rushville.

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