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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Tool

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During the early 1990’s, before Maynard James Keenan became a wino, he fronted a band whose notoriety as a deeply metaphysical entity far surpassed the millions of hippie rockers who sadly declared Phish as their end all be all instead. With millions of records sold, a myriad of side-projects abound, and a back catalogue of progressive rock brilliance, the Tool legacy carries on its relevance in the current music culture. So even if the wine company doesn’t end up working out, at least we know that Tool always will.

From the makers of Rockabye Baby! Metallica, Rockabye Baby! Pixies, Rockabye Baby! Nine Inch Nails and oh-so-many-more choices, Rockabye Baby! Tool-style alters the band’s infamous song catalog to adapt to all little baby tools laying down their heads to dream intricate images of vast, imaginative worlds that only true prog rock/metal fans, very young and very old, can dare to dream. “Parabola,” “Patient,” “The Grudge,” “Schism,” from albums such as Opiate and Lateralus, have found their way onto this special collection of nighttime lullabies with a whole lotta glockenspiel and nary a loss of melatron. Parental prog-rocker fans of Tool or A Perfect Circle (possibly Puscifer?) please go get this for your offspring. I’m pretty sure Maynard will thank you for this, and then push a $100 bottle of fermented grapes with a really low alcohol content on you. From here, the choice is yours.

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