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Rockasaurus Rex, The Big Bang!

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Rockasaurus Rex is the greatest metal band of extinct, prehistoric creatures there’s ever been, or ever will be for that matter. With their line-up consisting of (lead singer/guitarist) Rex, (bassist) Bones, (drummer) Sara Tops and (guitarist) Screech, Rockasaurus Rex is a hard rock band with metal influences and folky textures. Rex’s gritty vocal style and Sara Tops’ bombastic, drumming approach adds to the screeching guitar solos and lineage of bass lines incorporated into every song. On their debut album, The Big Bang!, Rockasauras Rex adds a metallic approach to 21 classic kid songs, mixing up the children’s musical genre as only 4 dinosaurs can do.

With the band covering kiddie tunes such as Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pop Goes the Weasel, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, nursery school teachers will become musical heroes if they play some Rockasaurus Rex during circle time; if, in fact, they care to teach them anything about music that doesn’t have to do with Raffi. This may rile up the kiddos—which would be a cool thing—so making sure they keep the moshing to a minimum and not diving off of bookshelves or throwing wooden blocks at one another would be sort of responsible. Despite metal’s abrasive tendencies, the members of Rockasaurus Rex know how to soften their Anthrax-y style and mix it up with musical and lyrical variations that won’t give you a massive headache, and won’t completely drive kids to destruction.

So move on over, children’s songwriter with no personality or talent, and make way for RR: metal’s newest answer to Sesame Street.

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