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RockBand Manager Card Game

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As far as jobs in the music industry go, band manager is pretty much the equivalent of babysitter and one of the most stressful jobs in the business. On top of making career-defining decisions (like if a musician decides they’d rather stay in Topeka and be a golden god than live one more day on the road), they are also responsible for booking shows, promoting the band, initializing intricate business deals, overlooking recording contracts, and (possibly the lowest of the low) acting as a band’s press agent/PR person (uggh). Unless there’s enough dough to hire some help, a band manager has to do all of this.

To perhaps uplift the manager/rock slave job description as something which can actually be a whole lot of fun, Fantasy Flight Games has created a card game for three to six players, Rockband Manager. The game allows you to seek out your own group and direct them towards stardom without any mishaps or weird breakups. Use your rock star cards to record the greatest albums of all time, sell out shows, bid for new gear, and improve your bands acoustics with opportunities you should never decline.

So gather yourself and every one of your little rocker baby spawns, and learn about the intricacies of the rock industry while also attempting to one up each other for best band IN THE WORLD!

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