Put an Eyepatch on It

I think it’s time to explore all the reasons one might have to wear an eyepatch. While I don’t want to undermine the severity of any injury or condition that might necessitate one, we all must face facts: there’s little out there that communicates badassery better than the accessory of rogues everywhere. Let’s start with […]

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Bleep Blorp: A Robot-Themed Nursery

When we were kids, I’m sure we all pretty much assumed robots would be outnumbering humans by now. As scary and awesome as that vision of the future might be, it just isn’t here yet. While I’m sure there are all kinds of highly educated individuals working day and night to bring us the robots […]

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The Honest Truth About Breastfeeding

My two and half week old son feeds, on average, every couple hours. My wife exclusively breastfeeds and her sessions can last up to an hour. Does this sound familiar? It wouldn’t have to us, because all those wonderful all-natural websites and our classes failed to mention the cons of breastfeeding. Matter a fact, the […]


Cuddle Up With These Fresh, Nerdy Throw Pillows

Ahhh, spring. We’re more than a week into the freshest and greenest season of the year, but with the kind of weather we’ve been having all some of us can really do is try and remember spring from last year. The other day, I thought I kinda saw some grass poking through the dirty snow, […]

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Nerdy Maternity Tees

There seem to be two types of maternity clothes styles: cover it up or scream it out loud. While ‘cover it up’ is probably appropriate most of the time, if we cared about appropriate we wouldn’t plunk down our hard earned cash on things like Batman wallets or Star Trek undies. Seriously, if we cared […]

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Great Gatsby Style for Kids

Not that I would entirely trust a source that pinned the 2012 book of the year onto Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’m over the moon about their choice for 2013: The Great Gatsby. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve loved Gatsby for years, or maybe you waited until this year to finally read what […]

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5 Rules for Finding the Perfect Nerdy Diaper Bag

When baby’s first born, they come into the world completely unimcombered. But somehow along the way, they get bogged down by a bunch of stuff. Every trip out the door requires a checklist like the one you used to use to go on vacation. Bottle? Books? Diapers? Pacifiers? Then, driving away from the house, “crap! […]

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Punk is Reborn with Baby Rebellion’s Rockstar Onesies

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! So much to do! So many cute things to buy! First things first: hitting the baby section of the big box store. You’ve always apathetically cruised passed it before, but now it’s bound to be your favorite section in the store, right? Then, you discover the cold, hard reality: there’s nothing there […]

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Nine Necessities for Nerdy Newborns

You’ve just spent seven or eight months stockpiling a stash of regular newborn necessities like a year or two’s supply of diapers and a zombie apocalypse survival kit for your new little fam. But what about the other necessities? Isn’t life about being nerdy? Do you really want your kid to start out without a […]

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