Turn Your Kid into a Rush Nerd in 5 Easy Steps

Progressive rock has always been the domain of the nerd. Since it was first established in the ‘70s by rock musicians looking to inject their songs with a higher level of musicianship and lyricism a bit more challenging than “I love you, baby,” prog has been a place for the thinkers and doers of rock-and-roll. […]

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4 Punk Hairstyles for Kids

For those about to about rock, we salute you. For those about to punk, we have some fashionable hairstyles for you. In order to help keep Justin Beiber at bay in your household, it may be time to consider a new look for your young one. Okay, maybe not like that. You don’t want to […]

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5 Killer Skull Items for Cool Kids

The skull. It’s iconic in so many ways, evoking fascination, awe and fear, depending on one’s perspective. Kids normally fall into the first two categories, finding skulls cool, hip and darkly humorous. As they grow, and begin to understand anatomy while learning a little more about folklore and myth, they become a little more concerned […]

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4 Songs About the Difficulties of Being A Kid

Being a kid is hard. In some ways, it’s more difficult than being an adult. So many rules, so many expectations, so many people pulling you in so many different directions. All the while, you’re trying to find yourself, trying to establish what and who you are, trying to enjoy your fleeting youth without being […]

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In Memory of Devo Drummer Alan Myers

Press play on the video above before reading any further. Did you do it? Good. See that guy in the back there? Behind the drum kit? That’s Alan Myers. He died on June 24 from brain cancer. And he was probably the coolest drummer Devo ever had. The groove in this cover of the Rolling […]

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Riot Grrrls Your Little Riot Girl Should Know About

Amid the grunge rock explosion in the early ’90s, Seattle’s male-defined rock scene lacked an underwhelming presence of female groups and musicians. Sure, there was L7, Hole and Veruca Salt, but their success paled in comparison to the Pearl Jams, Soundgardens and Alice in Chainses. But close by in Olympia, Wash., an underground punk rock […]

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IQ Kids Radio

5 Streaming Radio Stations for Kids

When I was little, kids radio meant Radio AAHS. Then there was Radio Disney. Aside from those two, kids radio meant whatever my dad wanted to listen to: Grateful Dead and Car Talk mostly. Radio Disney remains the best-known radio programming for kids, and that’s great. It’s nice that there’s kids radio at all, but […]


4 Easy-To-Make Homemade Instruments

Your kids’ next rainy morning can be filled by a combo of craft time and music session by making instruments with stuff in your home. First, sit down with the kids and have a brainstorm session about which musical mechanisms they like and how you might be able to replicate them. Percussion instruments are the […]

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cdza: A Musical Resource for Kids of Any Age

Music education is usually one of two things: fun but not very productive, or productive but not very fun. Rare — and, not coincidentally most effective — are the teachers who make learning a blast, weaving educational material into lessons that engage and entertain students. And so we have Collective Cadenza (cdza), a talented group of musicians, […]

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5 Frank Zappa Songs Perfect for Kids … Seriously

Frank Zappa is known, commercially anyway, as the guy with the weirdly named children and raunchy songs about sex and freaking out. That popular notion holds true — for about 8 percent of his catalog, which these days runs nearly 100 titles deep. Most of Zappa’s stuff comprises complex instrumentals, symphonic pieces and politically charged […]

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