5 Kid Musicians Who Made Careers in the Biz

Kids love watching other kids doing amazing things. It seems to inspire them, knowing that a child can reach a level of excellence far beyond that of some adults. The Web sees no shortage of proud parents posting videos of their kids doing what they think are amazing things, but honestly, most of these kids […]

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Songs for Outer Space Playtime

Outer space. Our fascination with it, regardless how far we journey into it in the literal sense, is boundless – like space itself. What kid doesn’t include “astronaut” in his or her list of “What I wanna be when I grow up” responses? Even as adults, people line up, and pay big money, to be […]

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Scott Ian Action Figure For Your Tiny Anthrax Fan

If you read the title of this article and couldn’t wait to click and read, then you know why a Scott Ian Action Figure is important. The rest of you are thinking: “Who the eff is Scott Ian?” Well, he was only the founder of ’80s metal titans Anthrax, the crunchiest guitarist on the planet, co-founder of […]

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RockerByeBaby Blankie & Metallica Tapestry for Baby’s Mosh Pit

Amber Zrust, an Esty designer who knows what punk rock moms and dads want for their little ones, has created one of the greatest titles for rock-themed baby items ever composed: RockerByeBaby. It’s so simple yet packs such a powerful punch that I’m envious I didn’t think of it first. Loaded with rock-‘n’-roll images like […]

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Recess Monkey Releases “Deep Sea Diver”

Recess Monkey, the energetic rock trio hailing from Seattle, is back with Deep Sea Diver, their new album that will be making waves on June 18. Deep Sea Diver features clever, quirky songs about the sea filled with an ocean of word play and toe-tapping funky beats sure to make parents and kids smile alike. […]

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6 Musicians Whose Parents Were … Musicians

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” It’s a common idiom normally associated with characteristics exhibited by children that closely resemble those of their parents. This is especially true in the entertainment business, where a life of isolation mixed with close proximity to the business means children are more likely to follow in the […]

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6 Ween Songs Tailor Made for Kids

Ween. They’ve been around since the mid-’80s and chances are, you’ve never heard of them. Well, you should. Though the duo broke up last year, they released 10 genre-breaking albums, several live concerts (on CD and DVD) and a host of other oddities. Like They Might Be Giants (they would loathe the comparison, to be […]


Six Bunnies Knows How to Rock Kids’ Worlds

No one strives to be a slob — at least no one intentionally tries to do such a thing. Except children. They have made slobbery an art. Of course, one can enhance a kid’s natural slobbishness by purchasing clothes that enhance their image, giving them a rebellious aesthetic while actually being clean. If your little one […]

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Punk Rock-a-Bye Baby: Drum & Bib for Rocking Infants

Music is an integral part of any child’s development. You see it in the millions of music programs offered in communities everywhere — for young babies, toddlers and pre-tweens, whose parents wish to incorporate music into their children’s lives. You also see this whenever a little cherub happens to bang on stuff. Unlike cats, who […]

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Game Composers Every Nerd Should Know

Behind every great video game soundtrack is the game composer, the artist who put some of your favorite moments from gaming into a song that will stick with you for years. Any gamer worth their controller can hum the Super Mario Bros. theme immediately upon request. Here are a few composers who are some of […]

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