RockerByeBaby Blankie & Metallica Tapestry for Baby’s Mosh Pit


Amber Zrust, an Esty designer who knows what punk rock moms and dads want for their little ones, has created one of the greatest titles for rock-themed baby items ever composed: RockerByeBaby. It’s so simple yet packs such a powerful punch that I’m envious I didn’t think of it first.

Loaded with rock-‘n’-roll images like Les Pauls, boom boxes, stars and high volume lightning bolts, the RockerBye Baby Blanket wraps your special guitar-strappin’ infant in a double-dose of warm flannel material that will keep ‘em cozy and free of tears and wails — unless you guys are rocking out, of course.

Follow that up with a kiddie Metallica tapestry, and the family is totally ready to crank up some bedtime metal.


Actually, it’s not made just for kiddies. In fact, the ad says it’s perfect for a dorm room wall. We say pish-posh. Any metal-loving kid will relate to the grimacing child on this polyester poster. Isn’t that what your lovely little offspring look like when they’re not cleaning their rooms?

New name for the bedroom: The Mosh Pit.

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